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All suctioncups go through
a strict quality test
before they are approved and packed.

VacuumRack is the fastest and easiest way to securely transport your sports gear. It is mounted with strong vacuum suctioncups, which are pumped to the car roof in under 2 minutes. Our Ski Rack’s and Bike Rack's are adjustable and designed to give great flexibility and versatility. Fits about any car.

VacuumRack AS of Norway was founded in Oslo – 2018.  It all started 3 years ago with a sports car and a need to carry skis on it. We discovered the vacuum suctioncup technology that was originally designed to lift heavy glass inserts onto buildings. From then and until now we have worked hard and done many tests, to offer what we believe is the market's best vacuum suctioncup Ski Rack and Bike Rack, with the largest adjustability in order to fit as many cars as possible.


Wich cars can use VacuumRack?
How fast can I go with the VacuumRack?
I have a wrapped car, can I use VacuumRack?
How do we ship the goods?
What is our return policy
Will the suction cup loose vacuum?
Will different wether conditions effect the VacuumRack?


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