Whether you're going to have the road bike or mountain bike on your car, this bicycle rack is a perfect solution for bringing bicycles. With its super-fast and easy mounting, the Bike Rack is mounted using powerful vacuum suction cups that are pumped quickly onto the car roof. With the vacuum pumps white indicator ring, you can be sure that the suction cups are securely and firmly attached.

Fits incredibly well as a bike rack for the Tesla Model S / X and 3, BMW i3 and i8, and Porsche 911.
This Bike Rack can be used for almost any type of car, whether it's a sports car, electric car, city car or SUV. Works as a universal roof rack, when original roof racks are not included as standard equipment. Brilliant to bring when using a rental car on a trip.


• Super fast, flexible and easy to attach (easily moved between cars).

• Requires 50 cm width for mounting the vacuum suction cups.

• Flex in load carrier that follow the curve of the car roof.

• 4 x strong 150mm (6 '') vacuum suction cup.

• Attached to standard damping fork.

• 1x rear wheel holder with fastening strap. Fits terrain and racing wheels.

• Fastening strap for pedal so it doesn’t hit the roof.

• Pump with indicator to ensure sufficient vacuum is achieved and maintained.

• Stainless steel screws.

• Protection covers for suction cups.

• 10g silicone-based lubricant oil for pumps.

• Takes up a small amount of luggage space whennot in use.

Bike Rack Mono



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Bike Rack Mono



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