Bike Rack FWH

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Bike Rack FWH

Front Wheel Holder is an addition to your Mono / Duo Bike Rack. With this rack you do not have to bring the front wheel inside the car. Used instead of the Mono's / Duo's vacuum suctioncup for the rear wheel. Instead, FWH holds both rear wheel and front wheel.

  • Fits terrain and racing wheels.
  • Holds the rear wheel of the bike, fastened with Velcro.
  • Holds the front wheel of the bike, attaches with the front wheel quick release bolt.
  • 2 x strong 150mm (6 '') vacuum suction cup.
  • Super fast, flexible and easy assembly (can be easily moved between cars).
  • Flex in mounting bracket, so it follows the curve of the car roof.
  • Pump with indicator that sufficient vacuum is achieved and maintained.
  • Stainless steel screws.
  • Protective covers for suction cups.
  • 10g silicone based lubricating oil for pumps.
  • Takes little space in luggage when not in use.
  • Tools for mounting the bike rack together (comes in two parts in the box).