Ski Carrier Extender
Ski Carrier Extender

Ski Carrier Extender

Silver, 4 pair skis.
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Ski Carrier Extender

The Ski Carrier Extender is an accessory to the Crossbar for those who want to be able to transport skis during winter. Attached with T-bolts in the Crossbar's mounting track. This is a complete set with 2 x ski carriers and T-bolts included. Can also be mounted directly on suction cups from Crossbar.


  • In the box, set with: 2 x Ski carriers, 2 x  keys and mounting bolts for universal T-slot.
  • Fits: VacuumRack Crossbar, and other racks with slots for T-bolt.
  • Easy access: Extender function. Pull the skis towards you for loading.
  • Capacity: Up to 4 pairs of alpine skis / snowboards (61 Cm. loading space).